Our butcher team sources fresh meats as locally as we can, primarily from family farms right here in Illinois. You'll find pasture-raised prime and dry-aged beef in our case on a daily basis, along with heritage pork from whole hogs broken down by our own butchers. Pasture-raised lamb and poultry and house-ground burgers and sausages complete the case 6 days a week!

New York Strip Steaks


We offer an extensive selection of all-natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free prime beef cuts, sourced primarily from farms right here in Illinois. In addition to both wet-aged and dry-aged steakhouse-style cuts like ribeyes and New York strips, you'll also find tenderloin filets cut to order, and roasts and grilling steaks aplenty, often marinated in dressings made from scratch. And last but not least our house-blend Forza Burger is gaining a following as the best beef patty in Chicagoland!

Pork Chops


Our pork selection is highlighted by our whole hog butchery program, for which we source whole heritage Duroc breed hogs from our friends at  LaPryor Farms  in Ottawa, IL and break it down for our butcher case from snout to tail. We supplement the pork cuts derived from the whole hogs with Berkshire pork sourced from another local farm  Slagel Family Farm  in Fairbury, IL.

Roasted Whole Chicken


We also offer a limited supply of poultry from both our friends right up the street in Glenview Harrison's Poultry, along with whole birds and breasts from  Slagel Family Farm . The Slagels also supply our fresh turkeys during the holiday season, and can accommodate special poultry orders on our weekly delivery from the farm with enough advance notice.



We carry a small variety of cuts of locally raised lamb, also from Slagel Family Farm. While racks, rib chops and loin chops are in stock almost all year round at one of our stores, we can source anything from whole lamb to legs with a quick call to one of our farmer partners.



We've produced well over 100 different sausage varieties since opening in 2018, with no signs of stopping any time soon! Our flagship encased meats are Italian pork sausages available in 4 different spice levels from Mild to Nitro. You'll almost always find at least one variety of bratwurst in the butcher case, along with up to half a dozen other flavors during the peak grilling season.