We have a full kitchen at our Glenview location capable of putting together a spread that'll make all your guests Forza fans for life! From sandwich and antipasto platters to Italian entrees and fresh green salads and much more, Chef and his team can pump out the classics or put together something custom for groups from 5 to 500.



Choose up to 3 varieties of our signature subs for a platter of 3" sandwich portions. Available in Small (12 portions) and Large (24 portions) sizes.

meat and cheese platter


Our deli's selection of traditional Italian meats and cheeses, with imported olives and pepperoncini garnish. Custom preparations available upon request for an additional charge. Bring your own platter in ahead of time and we'll stack it for you!

meatballs in marinara sauce


A crowd favorite! Mama Minelli was rolling this recipe by hand till she was in her 90's, and we'd never change it for anything! Beef and pork meatballs with garlic, parsley, breadcrumsb and pecorino romano cheese, simmered in Mama's marinara sauce, and topped with more romano cheese. Want pasta to go with? Tutto bene!

italian sausage and peppers


Several Italian-focused entrees are on offer from our catering menu, available in half pan (serves 8-10) and full pan (15-20). Our classic Sausage & Peppers dish features your choice of mild or spicy Italian sausage links made right in our butcher shop, sliced and served with roasted red and green bell peppers.



Perfectly al dente pasta available in half pan (serves 8-10) and full pan (15-20) sizes. Choose any one of our house-made sauces to smother them in, like the creamy vodka sauce you see here!



Our kitchen offers four different varietes of green salad for groups, available in half pan (serves 8-10) and full pan (15-20) sizes. Pictured here is our We Got The Beet salad featuring arugula, roasted beets, goat cheese crumbles, slice granny smith apples, and candied walnuts in a red wine reduction dressing.



House-Made & Artisan Italian Confections like these cannoli are available daily and made fresh to order. We also stock an array of Italian cookies and pastries and tiramisu to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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